Why Adorable Home is So Adorable

Cat lovers but having no chance to get one? Adorable home is the game for you!

No. 1 Simulation: Adorable Home

I was puzzled why people got hooked with this cartoon style free to play mobile game so I gave it a try.

Adorable Home

You will start the game by choosing your character in the aquarium above then typing your desired name then skin colour.

Adorable Home

Then in the same aquarium, you can choose your partner’s character, name and skin tone. I haven’t tried if you can choose a same sex.

Adorable Home

The game is about a couple moving in a new flat with their adorable evil cat named “Snow” (it should be Wolverine). The game will first teach you how to purchase furnitures, appliances, and demonic cats using a heart. You can earn hearts from your partner or by petting (being a slave of) your cats. Heart rewards are doubled if you agree to watch advertisement.

Wicked Snow

You can earn hearts by stroking the cat to her desirable body parts. However, you will lose heart and gain lightning if you do it in a wrong way. Just stroke her head, belly and back and your life will be spared.

Next one, you will be her podiatrist. You need to properly trim her nails while this polite cat keeps waving her hands, I mean her feet..so confused.

The last option for gaining a heart is by giving her a wash. You need to move your phone from left to right to control the water temperature. Never got a chance to do it properly and I don’t want to burn this adorable cat, in all honesty.

Verdict: Good for those who loves Home Management

Petting is similar to Nintendo’s Pokemon Sun and Moon but I find petting Pokemon easier and more satisfying. The strength of this game is that it’s free to play and will cater people who loves interior designing. I think my niece will love this game because she loves designing in Minecraft.

Are you suffering from Winter, I hope my article here can help you.