The Masked Singer UK: Queen Will Always Be a Queen

The Masked Singer Contestant: Queen Bee
Photo Credit: The Masked Singer UK

The Masked Singer UK is a massive success – being watch not only by British but also by all the Masked Singer fans across the globe. The show is a franchise of the famous Korean program: “King of Masked Singer”. The Masked Singer UK stepped up further by having contestants wear mascot instead of a mask. In addition, they added theme-based back up dancers and background effects.

Who is the Masked Singer: Queen Bee?

Queen Bee is one of the mystery contestants of the show. With a wide vocal range, she was able to deliver variety of songs flawlessly. She is like Lea Michele of The Glee that is capable is singing any genre of songs. With her identity, many believes that she is either Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud or Jade Thirlwall of Little Mix.

Why Queen Bee Will Win?

  1. Visual – among the remaining contestants, Queen Bee has the best mascot. She is the only one who has a human/doll face while the rest of the contestants have an animal/monster face. Though the monster costume looks cute, being huge limits his movement to just standing and waving his hands.
The Masked Singer UK Contestants: Octopus, Hedgehog, Queen Bee, Fox and Monster
Photo Credit: The Masked Singer UK

2. Title – among the other contestants, she is the only one who has title “Queen” making her superior over the rest of the contestants. Other contestants are just called generic: octopus, fox, monster and hedgehog. Aside from that, living in a Monarch country – ruled by a Queen, she has the advantage of being loved by the people.

3. The Voice – as I mentioned earlier, she has a wide vocal range – making her the contestant to defeat. She can sing any songs without difficulty. For her to win, she just need to always pick a song that can show her vocal prowess.

You can watch her performance on Youtube

What do you think guys? Will Queen Bee win The Masked Singer UK? Please comment down your thoughts and reactions.

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