cooking samgyeopsal

My friend was craving for samgyeopsal and we found Seoul Tokyo. This Japanese/Korean restaurant is located 10 minutes walk from London Bridge train station. The name of the restaurant is shown on the glass door.

The restaurant is just small, making cozy vibe like in cafe. We then ordered samgyeopsal also known as pork barbecue. They don’t have a set for samgyeopsal so we need to order the meat and the side dishes separately. 

Pork belly £9.5

Lettuce and spring onion £4

Kimchi £2.5

We ordered another serving of lettuce which cost £2. So overall it’s like £20 for 2 of us. 

We got an option to get cooked pork or just grill it on our table and we chose the latter. I love the smell and the experience of grilling the pork on the table. What we like the most is that, the pork and lettuce quality is amazing.

It only took few minutes for the restaurant to became fully occupied. We then realised that we were lucky to secure a table.

To end my review, I would like to commend their superb customer service: They deliver the ingredients fast and they have cheerful and always available waitress.