Harry Potter London Tips and Tricks (Part 3/3)

Alright mate! Welcome back! So this is the final part of my Harry Potter London: Tips and Tricks. If you missed the first part of this guide, you can see it here.

Tip# 9 Harry Potter Photo Trick

Inside the studio, there will be “Green Area” where taking photos are prohibited. This is where you can also have a studio group photos and individual shots of ridding in a broomstick. If you’re going there with your kids, this trick might not be applicable because broomstick photo is a must. If you ask me, broomstick photos looks fake. Don’t also buy frames because you can purchase better and cheaper frames.

TRICK: You will get a chance to have a group photo (1) with background like “Have you seen this Wizard”, then a chance to have a broomstick photo (1). One photo cost £14 but if you purchase 2 photos, it will only cost £20. Now, what’s the catch? My recommendation is to only purchase the group photo for £14. After purchasing, they will gonna give you a code valid for 2 days to download a digital copy of your photo. Then continue your journey around the studio, passing through the Dark Forest and finally to the Platform 9 3/4.

Hogwarts Train

Love the photo? Many people missed it, either they run out of money or found it expensive because they need to pay another £14 for this. However, if you followed my advice, you can have a beautiful photo of this for only £6. Upon the queue, tell the staff that you purchase (1) photo in the green area and they just gonna bundle it £20 minus £14 = £6. You only need to present your receipt and they will only charge you a sweet £6 for it.

Tip# 10 Outdoor First

After having an hour of walk, we usually feel tired, thirsty, hungry. That’s why after the train station, you will reach the Pub. If the weather is good, you can just sit around and start to eat to your heart’s desire. In contrast, if the weather is as bad like the evil dragon who greeted you earlier, it’s better to go outside first and take your photos.

Harry Potter Bridge
Hogwarts Bridge

Take a photo first in the bridge. Because the flooring is slippery when gets wet, they immediately close the bridge when it started to rain.

Tip# 11 Sweet Butter Beer

Now proceed back to the pub and enjoy your meal. They sell the iconic butter beer from the movie. You have an option to buy it on disposable cup or with a plastic beer mug (photo shoot). Like what the title said, it is sweet, so if you don’t like sweets, just borrow your friend’s mug and take a photo. There’s no lavatory in the pub so you need to go to the next site, where sinks are located.

Tip# 12 Right is Right

The next location will lead you to the animation studio then to Gringotts Wizarding Bank. You will reach a studio where you can take photos with the cups. My recommendation is to take the right side.

That’s all folks! You can just enjoy around until the end of the tour without worrying anything. Just don’t forget to claim your souvenir book at the gift shop, if you purchased the complete package. Cheers!

Do you have any recommendation? Please do comment down below.

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