Harry Potter London: Tips and Tricks (Part 2)

Howdy mates! Now, let’s continue with the second part of Harry Potter London: Tips and Tricks for Enjoyable Tour. If you missed the first part, you can see it here.

Tip# 5 Be Always First in the Queue

evil dragon
Evil Dragon

After getting your passport and your digital guide at the reception, you can go straight ahead to the hall. You will then greeted by an evil dragon. You can see the souvenir shop on your right hand side while in front of you is the Frog Café. My recommendation is to go directly to the queue on your upper right hand side.

Tip#6 Follow the Red Spot

studio diagram
Studio Diagram: Red spots are the desirable spots to go

After the long queue, you will finally reach room number 1. You can see the Harry Potter movie posters and photos here and people here usually just roam around. My recommendation is to be near the center of the close door on the right side so you can quickly move on to the next room once it open.

Let’s move on to room number 2. Since you followed my advice, you will get the best spot to watch the introduction and welcome clips above. After that, you can move on to the next room.

Room number 3 is the cinema. You don’t need to be at the center or at the back of the cinema to fully enjoy it because they will just show clips on how they made the movies. Sitting to the side will give you advantage to go near the door after the clips are finished.

Tip #7 Be the Last to Leave

Moving ahead to room number 4 which is the great hall. You will be welcomed by a staff but you will lost track of him because he will roam around the hall to talk about Hogwarts houses. My recommendation is to start taking pictures at the side while he does that because you don’t have much time in this room.

At the front of the Great Hall

After he finished talking, he will then lead you to room number 5 which is the start of the studio tour. People will then rushing to take photos at the front of the great hall and you will then be notified that you must leave room number 4 to give way for the next batch. My recommendation is to be the last person to leave the area so you can take good photo at the front of the hall.

Tip #8 Don’t Forget Passport Stamps

Passport stamps

There are passport stamps around the studio. Be sure to read the passport instruction carefully and just be observant. On our experience, we went back just to stamp our passports from the previous site.

Still happy? Let’s move on to the last part of my guide which is located here.

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