Harry Potter London: Tips and Tricks for Enjoyable Tour

Planning to go on Harry Potter Studio Tour in London? This guide will help you to save pounds and make your tour more convenient.

Tip #1: Harry Potter Tour Ticket

You can see the prices and packages in the official website of Harry Potter Studio Tour in London here. If you just want to experience the tour, I would recommend to purchase the regular ticket. However, if you’re an avid fan of the movie/novel, the package tour saves you £5.

Tip #2: Harry Potter Tour Essential

This are the things to do for a smooth and comfortable moments:

  • Eat breakfast/lunch before going there. You need lots of energy because you will get exhausted walking inside the studio.
  • Bring a bag enough to fit a bottled water and foldable umbrella.
  • Don’t forget your printed studio ticket and cash/payment cards.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and bring a company to take your photos, unless you have a skill to ask someone to take your photos.

Tip #3: Transport from London

Map of Harry Potter Studio from Watford Junction
Watford Junction to Harry Potter Studio

Harry Potter Studio is located in Watford. If you’re coming from central London, the best way is to ride the train from Euston to Watford Junction. From there, you can ride the exclusive Harry Potter bus just outside the station. Be in mind that you need to present your studio ticket and pay £3 for a return bus ticket.

Queue to Harry Potter Studio bus
Queue to Harry Potter Studio bus

The bus is available every 20 minutes and the travel time is approximately 20 minutes. Based on our experience, you need to be an hour and a half ahead of your studio tour time. We arrived at Watford Junction at 12 noon, rode the bus, queued at the entrance and queued again for the tour just in time for our 1:30pm schedule.

Tip #4 Keep Light

After you arrived, you need to queue in the entrance for ticket and security check. If you travel light, you can advance easily. If not, the security need to manually check all your stuffs in your bulky bag.

Harry Potter Passport and Digital Guide
Complete Tour Perk: Digital Guide

After the long queue, you will enter the reception where you can get your Harry Potter passport and digital guide (complete tour).

Trick: If you’re touring solo, get the digital guide. However, if you have a companion, I would recommend NOT to get the digital guide even you paid for it.

Wearing the digital guide and headphone
Harry Potter’s Room

The digital guide with its green lanyard and headphone is a photo bomber. What we usually do in a studio is to take lots of photos and removing it frequently is a hassle. We used our digital guide for a couple of minutes – until station 3. Then, we ended up keeping it inside our bags to enjoy the tour better. You don’t want to walk around the studio hearing an enclosed sound with lots of talking. Instead you would want the natural noise around you, like theme parks, and hear your companion’s voice clearly.

Happy so far? Now let’s move on to the part 2 of this guide which is located here.