Crash Landing on You: How To Be a “Babe Magnet”?

Do you want to be a Babe Magnet? Well, Netflix’ Crash Landing on You Korean drama series gave us insight on how to be one.

What is Crash Landing on You?

This Educational love story drama is about the wealthy South Korean businesswoman Yoon Se-ri. Due to hurricane, she accidentally crashed at North Korea – where she met her love interest Ri Jung Hyuk, a North Korean soldier. Having a real defector from North Korea as one of its writer, the series gives us a glimpse of close to reality way of living in the North. You can watch the entire series at Netflix

CLOY: Babe Magnet

As the story goes, South Korean terms are being introduced and one of it is “Babe Magnet”. This term is used to describe a desirable man that everyone admires. Series-wise, this are the 3 Tips How to be a Babe Magnet:

Tip #1: Be a Gentleman

Holding the door for other people; helping other people in need such as pushing heavy things, reaching for something that only you can reach. Mr Ri done all those things on the series.

Tip #2: Be Hygienic

Can I emphasise it more? Mr. Ri is a soldier so he always looks neat, hair is short, he dress properly and formally. Although woman preferences varies like some find body other attractive, most woman I knew wants a man who smells clean, fresh, and clean shaved.

Real life example of this is my ex when she preferred me over the more muscular, taller and more appealing colleague just because of hygiene. I also remember when my female friend told me how she loves my colleague every time he shaved his beard and moustache.

Tip #3 Be Secure

Being a soldier and being willing to sacrifice his own life, Yoon Se-ri feel secured with Mr. Ri. Looking through their love story progress. It all started here. It’s not love at first sight but Se-ri developed her interest because she felt important and secured.

When choosing whom to be in relationship with, Woman preferred the person she feel safe and secured. Meaning, she feel that she can live happily and grow old with this person. It can be either the man is taller, big, muscular that she think can physically defend her against bad people; can be intelligent and street-wise that she can see that her family’s future will be successful; can be lots of sense of humour and very romantic, that she will be secured from stress-related diseases through her timeline or just being always on her side with all the ups and down of her life.


Like what the series told “Media sells perfect world”, we must not always compare ourselves to what we see on media. Some of us can’t even lift heavy objects due to back problems. Being attractive all roots down to just being true to yourself and having the 3C’s of life: Care, Compassion and Communication. Most notably, most men have similar preference with women: being simple and neat (which is hard to find nowadays, if I found one, they are already taken T_T ).