A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood

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At first, I thought A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood will be a boring documentary film. However, everything changed after I watched this masterpiece that is based on true story. With that in mind, I hope this film will win an Oscars.

A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood

This is about Lloyd Vogel, a man working in a magazine company. This problematic journalist – who is rude on his articles, was then tasked to do an investigative article about the famous children show host, Fred Rogers. As the story goes on, this man realised the most important things that matters in life: family and forgiveness.

In the Neighborhood’s Lovely Cinematography

I love the retro style they used in telling the story. Unlike the Witcher of Netflix, you can easily follow the storyline because it was arranged chronologically. Aside from that, the classic animations and filters was effectively used to deliver the message the movie want to convey. I’m so amazed how they used the classic miniature animations and puppets.

A Beautiful Day with Fantastic Acting

Hands down to Tom Hanks for he perfectly portrayed his character (Fred) . Specifically, his stares in the movie will strike your soul and you must be severely dehydrated if you never cried or got teary eyes after watching the film. On the other hand, Matthew Rhys played very well in portraying a character (Lloyd) that everyone can relate to. I think their combination is fantastic.

A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood Verdict: A must-see film

With a Jologs movie score of 10/10. Give yourself a favour and watch it!

You can watch the movie trailer on Youtube.

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